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Applications close 31 July 2022

This site is intended for healthcare professionals

Endeavour-Breast programme 2nd Edition (2022–2024)

Breast cancer is one of the world’s most prevalent forms of cancer, and in spite of recent advances in treatment, many challenges remain. There is an urgent need for continued progress in therapy and research through international collaboration and education. This is the goal of the Endeavour-Breast programme.

The Endeavour-Breast programme is a 3-year project organised and funded by Daiichi Sankyo Europe. The programme aims to unite, educate, and support highly talented young oncologists from Europe, who are active in  breast cancer research. These young oncologists will be supported by a Steering Committee of internationally renowned experts in this field.

The programme will involve interactive workshops and round-tables, as well as face-to-face and virtual meetings. Topics covered in the programme range from basic research (including participants’ own research presentations) to current clinical research and recent clinical trial updates. The programme also covers academic topics, such as writing competitive research grants and conducting clinical trials. Participants will be mentored by a member of the Steering Committee, and will have the opportunity to collaborate with experts and peers across Europe.

The Steering Committee comprises 8 international experts in the field of breast cancer Prof. Nadia Harbeck (Germany), Prof. Volkmar Müller (Germany), Prof. Véronique Diéras (France), Prof. Alessandra Gennari (Italy), Prof. Sofia Braga (Portugal), Prof. Javier Cortes (Spain), Prof. Christian Singer (Austria), and Prof. Sabine Linn (Netherlands).

This will be the 2nd edition of the Endeavour-Breast programme, which follows the great success of the 1st edition (2018 to 2021). Feedback from the 1st edition was overwhelmingly positive, with 81.8% of attendees and faculty members rating the program as ‘excellent’.

The Endeavour-Breast programme is aimed at young oncologists or gynaecologists from Europe. Participants should be employed by a University hospital or academic institution, active in breast cancer research, and have publications with first or last authorships in peer-reviewed journals.

Applications will be reviewed by the Steering Committee, who will select 2 to 3 candidates from each country for the final selection. Once selected, applicants will be required to prepare a short proposal for a scientific project.

An in-person launch meeting is planned for November 2022 in Barcelona, Spain, with subsequent face-to-face meetings taking place annually. Virtual meetings will also occur periodically to follow up on the progress of the projects.

Good luck!